Crazy Colour

Transform your locks into a vibrant canvas of electrifying hues with our Crazy Color Hair Dye collection! Unleash your wild side with an explosion of Basic Violet 16, Basic Red 51, and a myriad of other bold shades that redefine the boundaries of hair colour.

Whether you're rocking blonde hair or opting for candy floss-inspired brilliance, our semi-permanent hair dye is the answer to your wildest colour fantasies. The Crazy Color range is not just a hair colour; it's an expression of individuality and a celebration of all things vivid.

Infused with Cetearyl alcohol and propylene glycol, our formula ensures a smooth application, leaving your hair looking vibrant and feeling lusciously soft. Say goodbye to dry hair woes as the distearoylethyl hydroxyethylmonium blend adds an extra layer of nourishment, making your locks as healthy as they are eye-catching.

Ready to take the plunge into a world of intense colour? Our semi-permanent hot pink hair dye, part of the Crazy Color family, is a showstopper that promises to turn heads. Plus, enjoy the freedom of expression with HC Red-infused shades, perfect for those who dare to be different.

Your vibrant hair dreams just got even more exciting. So why wait? Embrace the bold, unleash the vibrant, and turn your hair into a work of art with Crazy Color. Order now and get ready to shine in just a few working days!

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